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We are dairy farmers too

Koepon not only provides services for farmers, but is a dairy farm itself. The organization has a total of 3,200 cows on its farms located throughout various European countries. They are the Koepon connection to the modern dairy industry. This way, the employees within Koepon Holding know from their own experience the real issues and demands of the customers in the dairy industry. Besides dairy farms, Koepon also has a large agricultural operation in the village of Langen Brütz, Germany. Here, young heifers are raised for the two Koepon dairy farms located in Germany.

'I am proud to be able to call myself a farmer,' is a well known statement by Wijnand Pon, the founder and owner of Koepon Holding. The five Koepon dairy farms confirm the fact that the organization is firmly grounded in the dairy industry. The farms are characterized by modern facilities and management systems, and the application of new technology. Every farm operates at a very high level in terms of both milk production and profitability.

The five dairy farms are:

  • Koepon Garnwerd in the Netherlands, visit
  • Kuhpon Buchholz in Germany, the young stock is raised nearby in Langen Brütz
  • Kuhpon Kaarz in Germany, the young stock is raised nearby in Langen Brütz
  • Coopon Carse in Scotland
  • Paul Pon Polska Sp.Z.o.o. in Sroda Wlkp, Poland

Since the farms are located in different countries, Koepon has firsthand information about the specific farm management issues and the needs associated with dairy family in these countries.